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"The Rebel Candidate" will be released on 31st March

Sam and Declan are done with being field agents. The successful Vienna mission ended with a little bonus - a memory key that contained compromising material about Sir James Aiken. The plan was to use it as a bargaining tool to extract them both from A.L.L...but fate had other ideas.

Returning to London they walk into their HQ and find a massacre and James is missing. Neither man will be leaving A.L.L. until James is found, dead, or alive.

They get to work, digging into James' past.

Who are The Alphabet Club?

Where in the world is he being imprisoned?

Can they save him…and do they really want to?

Rebel Candidate cover.jpg
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Translations in French, Italian and German

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Isobel Starling writes M/M gay comedy/ thriller romance and occasionally M/F Romance.  These books contain graphic M/M sexual content, M/F sexual content, graphic language, and some violence. 18+. Plase read the privacy policy.

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